How To Disable Gps On Ford F150 : F150 MECHANIC (2023)

As well as follow the instructions to deactivate your connectivity device, which might also require doing a Master Reset to halt data transmission. PS – Note that even if you turn off the GPS tracking technology in the car or truck, it may still be monitored by your mobile phone or another item. And this was the year when AutoNation, a large auto retailer, revealed that it would begin installing tracking devices on the trucks it sells. Includes a complimentary one-year subscription to remote parts (excluding Wi-Fi hotspot), which begins when the car is purchased.

Answer: Ford Motor Company provides a wireless tracking service to assist authorities in recovering stolen automobiles. Answer: In the United States, the price of an in-dash GPS/audio system ranges from $399 to nearly $2000, depending on the model and features. Answer: You should go to or comparable internet business in your area to get an installation kit and wire harness for your car. Answer: Buying a car with a pre-installed GPS tracking system assures that the device functions correctly.

How to turn off or disable gps

I thought you just didn't want to be tracked. If that was the case, either don't activate or delete FordPass (with the phone app), which tracks you 100% of the time. I also turned off 'wi-fi' after the trial period ended. Without those on, I don't think you can be tracked, but could be wrong. My selling dealer installed a 'LoJack' on my truck, so it could be tracked, but supposedly just activated by police (who knows). All new trucks also have 'black boxes', but they supposedly just track the last 20 seconds of driving.

I have everything turned off on my iPhone (location services, all cookies, always log off apps -not just 'flipped up'-, erase browsing history the few times I use safari, etc.). And it's still possible to be tracked. I'm not paranoid about that, but I prefer not to be tracked.

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How do I change the location settings on my phone?
How To Disable Gps On Ford F150 : F150 MECHANIC (1)

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How to turn off or disable gps
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There is a GPS antenna connected to the unit behind your touchscreen. Instructions to take apart your dash are available in this forum and on YouTube if you search. For others without factory Nav, be aware that non-nav units also have a GPS antenna as well.

But it uses it to sync the clock and maybe ford pass stuff. I’m pretty sure CarPlay hands off to vehicle GPS as well when connected.


Not it sure if you’ll have any errors on screen while disconnected or not. Also the GPS radio will not be completely disabled, it’s just not worth anything if it cannot communicate with the satellites. Your best bet might be to find a non-nav, non-Sirius radio from an XL and swap it out.

How can I disable vehicle location function?
How To Disable Gps On Ford F150 : F150 MECHANIC (3)

RickMachE said: I'm unclear what the OP is asking. They want to disable location data "for other connected phones".

What does that have to do with the car? Click to expand...

My guess would be he doesn't want, say the wife's or the son's, Ford Pass on their phone to show where the car is if they aren't driving or in the car.If you're worried about "other people" seeing where the car is keep in mind that Ford always knows where the car is (unless you completely turn off connected services).

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How To Disable Location on FordPass GPS
How To Disable Gps On Ford F150 : F150 MECHANIC (4)

First, open the Fordpass app and tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Open the app and tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen.

You will be asked to confirm your action, so tap on ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’, depending on your preference. Does Disabling Location Services on Fordpass GPS Affect Other Apps Or Accounts? If location is disabled on your FordPass GPS, the ‘Location Services’ toggle switch will be turned off and the ‘Find My Car’, ‘Vehicle Status’, ‘Remote Start’, and ‘Lock/Unlock Doors’ features will not work.

The Ford Pass is an app that allows you to remotely start your car, lock and unlock your doors, and check your vehicle’s status. FordPass is compatible with all trims and models of Ford cars that are equipped with SYNC® Connect.

In case you’re having trouble with FordPass, the first thing you should do is check the system requirements. Second, you can check your car’s Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) port for signs of tampering. In conclusion, FordPass is a great app that offers many features to make your life easier.

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How to Remove a GPS Disabler From a Vehicle.
How To Disable Gps On Ford F150 : F150 MECHANIC (5)

My wife purchased this vehicle from one of them "no credit no problem" car lots. In the industry they are called "Buy here pay here" places.

We have had the car shut off a couple times when we were in-between blessings. They promised us once we made the final payment that they would give us web access to the car so that in the event it is stolen then we could disable it ourselves and see where its at. There is a GSM module w/SIM card to connect to cellphone towers.

Do Ford Vehicles Have Tracking Devices? (Solved!)

Today, car theft has become more widespread, especially with advances in technological tools such as master keys. The system has a voice activation technology and a responsive touchscreen so that drivers can direct the GPS to take action. Ford vehicles also have a tracking app called FordPass that allows drivers to pair their cars with their phones and control them from afar.

When a car is stolen, Ford advises that you give your paired phone to the police to do the tracking. The SmartAlert service also gives drivers the ability to lock and unlock car doors from remote locations. There are several other aftermarket tracking devices you can install in your Ford vehicle to prevent theft and recover your car if it gets stolen. This was when AutoNation, a major car retail service, announced that it would begin putting tracking devices in the vehicles it sells.

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how to remove telemetric control module
How To Disable Gps On Ford F150 : F150 MECHANIC (6)

MaverickAngler said: Hope it’s ok to piggy back on your question. Instead of removing it is there a way to falsify the information that it sends ford? Click to expand...

Technically, yes there is. Realistically, not really.The telematics module will be getting data from the various modules over CAN or (if Ford has implemented it) 100BaseT1 Ethernet. You could perform a man-in-the-middle attack and alter the data as it went to the telematics module.Hopefully Ford is using encryption and signing for this connection.

It was a rather expensive lesson for Chrysler/Fiat . This means you have to decrypt or re-sign the data, so you have to have access to the private keys.It's much simpler to just pull the connector on the module, or pull the fuse.


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